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What We Do

Systems Built To Order

If you know precisely what you want then that's fine, we'll gladly source the parts and build it for you.

However most people only have a rough idea of what they want. By telling us what you want to do with the machine we can design and build a system round your precise needs. Whether it's primary role is that of a high-powered gaming machine houses a large hard drive and high-end 3D video card to a music orientated system with dedicated sound hardware. By a similar token at the other end of the spectrum is the user who wants a well specified system for office type use and internet access at a down to earth price. Either way we can cater for your needs without going down the "off the shelf" route where the end user still has to buy further components to get the system to do what is required and yet has paid for components in the system that they do not want nor will ever use.



Basically whatever you can break we can fix.

Ranging from the replacement of faulty or worn out components to accident damage, we can get you back up and running in the shortest time with minimal fuss and expense. Experience includes working with both home users and in corporate and educational environments.



From basic things like adding more memory or a faster modem right up to replacement motherboard, processor and video card. All at a sensible price and minimal time scale. Most systems are completed and back in use within 24 hours.


Midi & Music

Having had a lot of experience with the music side of computers we can advise on most aspects of both the digital audio and Midi side of computing. Ten years of doing referral work for Dawsons Music has it's advantages along with having a keen personal interest creating music & MP3 technology.